Tientsin, China

 Hello Tientsin

Tientsin is situated on the northern coast of China and is now known as Tianjin. This city was built in 1404 and became one of the largest cities in the region under the Quing dynasty. To the East of Tianjin lies the Bohai Gulf which is a part of yellow sea. It is the largest coastal city of northern china.


  • Tianjin Eye- It is a giant Ferris wheel of 120 m by the side of the river Hai, built over Yongle Bridge.
  • Taku forts- These are also known as Peiho Forts and are located in Hai river estuary. These forts were ruined during the opium wars.
  • Porcelain House- This is a museum of Chinese porcelain pots and antiques.
  • Tianjin Water Park- It is a recreation park started in 1951 and is an awesome place to relax.
  • St. Joseph Cathedral- The Xikai church is a grand church with beautiful architecture.
  • Eastern Quing tombs- These tombs are a must visit for their beautiful architecture and beautiful views.
  • Palace of Queen of Heaven


Tianjin is known for its variety in street food. Some of the must try are-

  • Goubuli Steamed stuffed Bun- They are served meat or vegetables.
  • Ear hole fried cake-It is a cake made of rice dough and has red bean filling.
  • Lama cake
  • Chatang- Made of grain in boiling water mixed with brown sugar.
  • Fried dough twists- Pastries made of flour and Peanut oil and a waxy paste made of beans.
  • Tangdui- Made of hawthorn berries; it is a traditional desert of china.

Tianjin has a rich historical heritage and has good natural resources and is a must visit place.