Tientsin China Accor Hotel

Two years ago, everyone in the Western world thought TripAdvior would be ranked lower and lower as the best hotel recommendation site.

Only 15 months have passed and TripAdvisor's stock market value has risen from $12 billion to $450 million. What is happening in China today is exactly the same as what happened in the 1970 "s, 1990" s, and 20 years ago, when large US chain companies dominated the US market. Over the past 40 years, the fastest growth has been in hotels, restaurants and travel agencies, not hotel chains. After winning the operating rights to a number of Accor brands, China Lodging's market capitalisation is now $9.5 billion, compared to $1.2 billion when Accors became a shareholder three years ago.

The US hotel market was dominated by major US chains such as Marriott, Hilton and Marriott International, so it was relatively easy to get a single legal system and a single currency in a single US market.

We didn't know how disruptive this new model would be to our own model, but it's the same. Every three to four years, a trend brand has a red line, and in years seven to ten, someone is trendier than them and suffers.

We cannot predict what will happen tomorrow, but we just have to open our eyes and show respect to the unknowns who are safe. We have a solid foundation and if we invest hundreds of millions of capacities in our own volume system and brand acquisition, we can act in the future. If you have the muscle, you can stay alive for a long time; if you have had the time, you will probably have stayed alive. I have no doubt that if I had had time I would have stayed alive longer.

We signed 2,000 independent hotels in just nine months, but we really didn't think there could be a full-service OTA other than Google, Baidu and the big boys. We stopped because no one knew that we had the ability to create and create, and we could do it. Registration for the competition with OTTA cannot take place now because it would be absolutely foolish and too late.

If we wanted to make it known, it would have cost us $200-300 million a year, and we decided to invest the same $500 million in a new Accor hotel network in China and other countries.

In fact, they seem to not appreciate or appreciate the income these events actually bring. When you attend an event, the ballroom staff is just as much a part of the event as the guests and guests themselves.

The facade, lobby and restaurant of the hotel do not give the impression that the hotel was supposedly opened in 1863. The wooden legs that hold the tanks look as if they are rotting and need to be replaced. Stay with me on the decay and start revealing some of the more interesting features of this hotel, such as the ornate marble floor.

As a foreigner, I do not understand why the air conditioning in my room is kept at 25 degrees Celsius. Even if it may be freezing outside, this does not mean that the cold stays in the room. If you don't have the size, you'll probably lose it, but if you're not careful and listening or if you don't have time, it will

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More About Tientsin

More About Tientsin