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Wyndham Hotels and Resorts has closed its first two China hotels and its franchise hotels have announced plans for further growth in China as travel routes to the country continue to show encouraging signs of recovery. Other hotels in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Guangzhou also saw a drop in occupancy, but those that stayed open recorded fewer guests. Chief Financial Officer Michele Allen told investors on a conference call to discuss the company's earnings for 2019, "We have seen a decline in the number of guests at our hotels.

According to a recent survey of 70 hoteliers by the Hotel Association (HIA), around 70% were very pessimistic about occupancy and income, and 80% of those surveyed predicted losses of more than 15%.

From mid-February, we have launched a series of charitable actions, including placing frontline medical staff and distributing food to hospital staff across the country.

On February 19, Melia Hotels published an article that introduces a simple yoga routine and a short video created by the staff in Bali, followed by a QR code on the official Bili Hotel account. On February 26, Marriott launched a live cooking series with its chefs, and on March 4, Shangri-la Hotel also launched Weibo to promote it on Taobao. The account shared gifs illustrating every step of the process and gave prizes to followers who shared photos and videos of the dishes being prepared.

Given the global reach of COVID-19, understanding successful strategies in China can help hospitality industries around the world in the long term.

We identified six main themes that international hotel brands should address on China's social media, and we learned what each hotel brand did. Since the beginning of February, most of the content related to the crisis, both on the Internet and in the Chinese hotel industry, has focused primarily on cancellation policies.

Hilton, Shangri-La, Hyatt and others offered to extend the expiration date for foreign bookings of guests traveling to China. Wyndham also waived all membership points for guests traveling in China until February 29. Hyatts announced membership expiration and renewal dates, followed by Marriott and Hilton next week.

International hotel brands face enormous challenges, but how do they adapt their digital marketing on Chinese social media platforms? With food delivery increasing daily in China and online screen time also running out, it is likely that cash-strapped hotels will invest heavily in WeChat advertising to get promotions that serve a larger audience. Since mid-February and ever since, hotels have been busy with household-bound Chinese consumers with content related to fitness, cooking and even partying. The rise of home cooking has been driven by a long quarantine in China, and instructional videos and illustrated recipes allow hotels to connect with new audiences and show off their cooking skills.

Hilton has regularly posted videos on Weibo since late February showing exercises that can be done from the comfort of your own home. The Weibo accounts of the top three hotels have been ranked for three weeks in a row, and the video's WeChat has also been shared more than 1.5 million times since mid-February.

On February 17, Shangri-la Hotels announced on WeChat that it was offering food delivery in 14 cities. In an article in the May / June 2016 issue of The New York Times Hotel & Lodging Magazine, Hilton Hotel introduced the possibilities of food delivery and takeaway through delivery services. Tianjin Saixiang Hotel is set in a 1,000 square metre building on the edge of downtown Beijing. It is decorated in Chinese style and offers luxurious rooms. Each suite has floor-to-ceiling windows that offer views of the riverside with Tianjan's typical colonial architecture and the city skyline.

For those seeking the Changsha Yuhua district, Ramada Wyndham Changsha Wuguang is a 1,000 square meter hotel in the heart of Changsa City, China. In search of Chang Shaan's Yahua districts, it offers travelers the opportunity to move around one of China's most popular tourist destinations, offering the best of both worlds: luxury and comfort in a comfortable and comfortable environment.

Holiday Express Tianjin - Heping is located in the heart of the popular Tianjian tourist district, Heping, and offers entertainment activities, an air-conditioned lobby and a full-service restaurant.

With well-appointed rooms and suites, the hotel also offers access to Wuhan International Airport, Tianjin's main international airport, as well as a number of other international airports in the area. Offering high-quality amenities such as an air-conditioned lobby, a full-service restaurant and well-appointed rooms and suites, this hotel provides direct access to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangdong, Hubei, Jiangsu and Guangxi, while also providing high-quality amenities such as a large swimming pool, spa and fitness centre, indoor pool and fitness centre.

Four Seasons Hotel Tianjin offers 259 rooms with city views and a range of high-quality amenities including an air-conditioned lobby, a full-service restaurant, an indoor pool and fitness centre, as well as a large swimming pool, spa and fitness centre. The Four Season Hotel, Jinhai Senior Hotel, is located on the top floor of a four-storey building with an ATM, lift and parking. It is located directly opposite the Baoding Bridge and within walking distance of the airport. It is within walking distance of the capital's Central Business District, which is located directly under the Baoding Bridge.

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More About Tientsin