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Whether you speak Mandarin or not, there has never been a better time to see for yourself what China has to offer. Whether you go to Beijing to explore the most beautiful city you will ever visit in your life or go to the Great Wall of Tianjin, the experience you will have will be forever remembered. Travellers can also take the high-speed train from Beijing and explore some of the more representative large sections of the wall, which are better preserved and much larger. Here are 11 reasons why it's the perfect city for your first Chinese adventure.

The train from Tianjin Railway Station is connected to other cities in China, including Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Xian. You can get several sections of the Great Wall of China, but the next one is to change trains in Beijing and travel to the other side of the Wall in Guangdong Province.

IATA PKX (recently opened) is an airport located 119 km from Tianjin. If you want to fly from the airport, which is 119 km from Beijing, you can fly to Beijing Capital International Airport (IATA) or Beijing - Xian Airport. If you consider the international airport of the capital Beijing so close, the destination is much more. Between Tian Jinjin and Beijing it is even further, but only a few hours by train from Beijing to the city of Guangdong Province.

If you have more time, I also recommend traveling from Tianjin to Beijing and enjoying the scenic views of the city and beautiful countryside as well as the countryside of Guangdong Province. If you are looking for the most direct option from Beijing, it would be Beijing - Lianyungang. From Shanghai to Nanjing, the bus directly from Lianshongang is cheaper and should go a little faster.

The Great Wall of China is one of the most impressive and beautiful monuments in the world that you would see for a lifetime. It covers numerous different sections, most of which are mainly in northern China, covering an area of about 2,000 square kilometres.

However, it will definitely be interesting for overseas visitors and will be taken to Incheon via Dandong, Dalian, Tianjin and Qingdao. The terminal in Daliaon is conveniently located, but includes a long bus transfer (for those from D andong), so DAndong is preferable. However, they definitely travel to northeast China and one of the places of interest to overseas visitors is the Great Wall of China in QingDao City, northeast of Beijing, China.

Tianjin Railway Station is centrally located and serves both conventional and high-speed trains, including the Beijing-Tian-Jin line. The nearest train station to the airport is in Daliaon, about 30 minutes by bus from D andong and is directly accessible. Beijing is connected by high-speed trains, which travel at 350 km / h to 350 km / h.

Qingdao is probably the most interesting city of all three, but due to the existing transport links, it is not so convenient to travel to Rizhao, and is a little further away from the other two cities, but still a good option if you want to go to Incheon. Of these two, Lianyungang is the closest port to Shanghai by ferry from Korea, so the ferry itself is actually better; in particular, the China-Korea ferries go directly to the Shandong Peninsula, which is about 1,000 km north of Beijing and about 300 km south of Dandong. As a result, Qingdiao is much closer to Beijing than other cities in the region such as Dongguan and Dalian, despite the existing rail connections. Qing dao's harbour is convenient and accessible from all three I would recommend crossing them by bus or ferry, as well as by high-speed train.

Qinhuangdao should be useful for most travelers, while Tianjin is more convenient for Beijing and Dalian for northeast China, but not as convenient as Qingdiao.

However, a high-speed railway line will be built that will link Tianjin to Beijing's Daxing Airport, which is due to open in 2022. The new "C" (which stands for Intercity) is also adopted as the name of a new city in the north - east of the Chinese capital.

Tianjin - Trains from Beijing stop in Daxing, a small northern city east of the city, and then head to Tianjin, the capital of China's second-largest city. There are two major railway stations, one in DAXing and one in Beijing, with a total of four stops.

If you know what Tianjin has to offer, you may decide to include Tianjin in your own itinerary, but you may be surprised and decide against. There is no price list and even the inflated tourist prices in Tian Jin are much lower than in Beijing. The journey takes 15 - 16 hours and the details are listed in the link above. You can get a lot here, as there are cheaper fares and a price list on the website of the China Tourism Authority.

More About Tientsin

More About Tientsin